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Hindi competitions started in December 2001 by Dr Padmesh Gupt (Chairman of UK Hindi Samiti) and Sh Anil Joshi (Hindi and Indian culture represantative from Indian High Commission London) along with the help of other associations with keen interest for Hindi language.

Shri Anil Joshi Ji have gone back to India now where he is carrying on with Hindi awarenes work and now Shri Rakesh Dubey Ji from Indian High Commission is carrying forward with the Hindi in UK with great enthusiasm.

It started off with 150 participants in London and now has over 1200 students taking part each year from through out UK.

Hindi Samiti has not only raised its awareness in UK but in other European countries as well.

Currently, Hindi speech competions and written tests are arranged by Hindi Samiti under the watchful eye of Dr Padmesh Gupt Ji and Sh Ved mitter Mohla ji. Trips to India each year for the winners are also arranged by Hindi Samiti and a lot of effort is put in to make it a real success by "Akshram" in India as well. Lately ICCR is also helping a great deal to make it a success.

Some of the Viewpoints

There are many associations in UK who are working hard to make Hindi successful and it would not be fair to name any individual one, therefore to find out more you can contact us at info@hindiclasses.co.uk for more pictures of competions.

The winners of India trip not only learn Hindi but also about India and its culture and at the same time are Hindi representatives of Europe to India. I hope that other associations throughout the world will come forward and do the same as Hindi Samiti or be part of it.

Dr Padmesh Gupt, Chairman Hindi samiti

Hindi competions have brought some of the younger generation and Hindi literature together in the form of new writers and poetry.

Sh Anil Joshi

Often many people blame the older generation of Indians for not ensuring they carry on with their language and culture because they were too busy earning their keep and believe Hindi is dying in UK. Not quite true. There are many more who are working hard to ensure its existance within our younger generation.

Sh Ved Mitter Mohla

Hindi Samiti are constantly working on improvement of Hindi syllabus

Sh Ved Mitter Mohla

We are here to help raise Hindi awareness as much as possible.

Rakesh Dubey, Indian High Commission, Hindi Adhikan

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